Technology We Use

Immunochemistry and Serology

Advia Centaur XP, Siemens

It is a Fully Automated Immunoassay based on CLIA (Enhanced Chemiluminence) technology manufactured in USA. This world class instrument is used to measure different hormones (Thyroid, fertility hormone), vitamins (Vit. D, Vit. B12) minerals, tumors markers, infectious disease markers and many more.


It is a fully automated immunoassay based on chemiluminescence technology (CLIA) is manufactured in Italy. This world class instrument is used to measure different hormones, vitamins, minerals, tumors markers, H. pylori stool antigen, infectious disease markers and many more.

Hematology Analyzers


It is fully automated hematology analyzer, manufactured in USA is a 5 part WBC differential count + Reticulocyte count. It has throughput of 90 tests per hour and is the world best instrument with fluoresencent flow cytometery technology for hematological tests.

Start MAX

Start MAX, fully automated coagulation analyzer, manufactured in France is the most reliable instruments worldwide for the diagnosis of PT, APTT, TT, D-dimer, Protein C, Protein S, Fibrinogen and coagulation factors.

D-10, Bio-Rad

D-10, Bio-Rad, fully automated hemoglobinopathy analyzer, manufactured in USA is based on the principle of HPLC, which can measure HbA and HbA2 with other hemoglobin variants. This technology is only NGSP certified method for the measurement of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c).

VES matic ESR

VES matic ESR, Automated system for the direct determination of ESR in blood/EDTA samples.

Biochemistry Analyzers


It is a fully automated Biochemistry analyzer, manufactured in USA which provides high-quality results, with innovative dry slide technology. It has been designed to perform all the clinical chemistry tests and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

Biosystems BA400

It is a fully automated Biochemistry analyzer, manufactured in Spain. This is a high class analyzer which can perform 400 tests/hour. It has been specially designed to perform all the clinical chemistry tests and specific protein tests.

Biosystems A25

It is a fully automated chemistry analyzer is another back up machine used at CDL for routine clinical chemistry test.

Mispa i3

It is fully auto analyzer with guaranteed precision for specific as well as regular protein assays.

Uro dip Check

It is Automatic urine analysis for fast and reliable urine strip reading, that reduce the chance of person to person variation in strip reading if done manually.

Microbiology & Molecular Biology


It is blood culture system manufactured in USA is a fully automated microbiology growth and detection system designed to detect microbial growth from blood specimens.

ExiPrep 16 Plus

It is an automated nucleic acid extraction instrument able to extract DNA or RNA from various samples including tissue, cell culture, whole blood, serum, plasma, swab, and culture isolates for detection by Real time PCR assay.

CFX96 Bio-Rad real time PCR

It is a touch system powerful, precise, and flexible PCR detection system. Real tie PCR is considered as gold standard for the diagnosis of many infectious, genetic, tumor and cancer markers.


It is reader and washer is semi automated instruments for the use of detection of many antigens or antibody for the diagnosis of various diseases

Bio-Safety Cabinet

It is used for personal protection, product safety and environmental safety specially handling of infectious material in microbiology and molecular diagnostic laboratory.  The machine has the facility of LED display, UV sterilization system, HEPA filter efficiency 99.999% at 0.3 µm. This instrument is most useful for those micro-organisms which can be transmitted by aerosol route.

PCR cabinet

It is dedicated for the handling of sterile materials for preparation of molecular diagnostic assays. The machine has the facility of LED display, UV sterilization system, HEPA filter efficiency 99.999% at 0.3 µm.



The ARCHITECT i1000 SR is a fully-automated immunoassay system using the CMIA (chemiluminescent micro particle immunoassay) method. It processes up to 100 CMIA tests per hour and has the capability to load up to 25 onboard reagent kits (USFDA Approved).


MAGLUMI X3 is one of the highest space efficiency CLIA analyzers. It has a maximum throughput of 200 tests per hour, 20 reagent positions, 72 sample positions and a single reaction cup with integrated packaging that avoids pollution and increases cuvette utilization.



The RX imola comprises the RX series world leading test menu covering routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, antioxidants, diabetes and veterinary testing. The RX imola has testing capabilities for a wide range of high performing and unique assays including Direct HbA1c. (CE Approved)



Finecare FIA Meter III Plus is a fluorescence immunochromatographic semi-automatic analysing system which can test 20 items at the same time and help diagnose conditions such as infection, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal injury and hormone, etc.(USFDA Approved)



The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 is Real-Time PCR System having multiplexing capability for up to six dyes. Real-time PCR is a flexible technique that can be used for the diagnosis of many infectious, genetic, tumor and cancer markers.


Abbott is the fastest available molecular point-of-care
testing for the detection of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) along with Influenza A&B, Strep A and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) testing delivering positive results in as little as five minutes and negative results in 13 minutes. It is a lightweight box (6.6 pounds and the size of a small toaster) that can sit in a variety of locations.)

Auto-Pure (Allsheng)

Nucleic Acid Purification System is an instrument, which extracts and purifies nucleic acid by magnetic bead method. The Auto-Pure purification technology is automated and enables high-speed, high-quality processing with no cross-contamination between the samples or reagent carry-over.

Nanjing ZhongkeBio

It is fully automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System based on Magnetic bead platform. It has 7-inch touch screen, easy to use and have fast response. Extract rapidly within 18 minutes, 96 samples can be extracted at the same time. It has UV disinfection and air duct to avoid cross contamination.